Around about 1958/59 in a small backwater town in Northern England a young man discovers music and even at the young age of eleven years, aspires to be a rock star, a couple of years later and he also discovers women and dope.

Leaving school he is forced to do normal run of the mill jobs for a while, the same as most of the population, but he realizes that if he were to move to the big city his lust for stardom may just have a chance of coming to fruition.

Unfortunately his lust for stardom is also being accompanied by his lust for women and drugs.

This yearning ambition for stardom is unfortunately not matched by his commitment to the cause and this lack of commitment causes another budding star to fall by the wayside, but somehow he manages to stumble into the music business and after a couple of years of hustling, womanizing and drug abuse, he finds himself been employed as a sound engineer, touring the world with rock bands.

His “career” starts in a very small way, but the actual music business is so small in the mid 1970’s, that anyone with half a clue as to how to operate the controls of a sound console stood a pretty good chance of actually making a career out of what was basically a situation that was better than working for a living!

With the “career” taking of and the ego also taking off with the attention of women and drugs and what was billed then as a glamorous lifestyle and some say still is, our hero finds himself been transported around the world, been paid thousands of dollars a month, staying in the best hotels, meeting his glamorous girlfriend and acquiring quite a
reasonable cocaine habit.

There is tragedy with the premature deaths of two or three of his clients from drug or alcohol abuse and cancer and these people had also become his friends of course, so he finds life is suddenly getting a little out of control both financially and emotionally.

The facts and figures of the music business remain at a minimum and we don’t get bogged down too much in the technical details of how to run a Rock’n’Roll show.
The lifestyle is on full view, not the nuts and bolts that hold it all together, but the day to day emotions and the circumstances. These are available to scrutinize; some of them bad, some of them good and some that were just downright stupid, but the abiding theme throughout is Humor.

Without humor this story could have been about a guy that gets mixed up in some bad things. Serious drug abuse, serial casual sex activities and general bad behaviour both on and off the road. The stories are sad, sometimes crazy and sometimes ridiculous, but always humorous, and folks, no animals were harmed during the making of this book.

This is a Bill Bryson with Sex and Drugs!


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