Stone Gossard says Pearl Jam’s hard work is all paying off



When a rock writer does a lot of “phoners”—media slang for telephone interviews—with bands that are coming to town, once in a while wires get crossed. This scribbler was planning to speak to Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder last week, but guitarist Stone Grossard rang up instead. And he was expecting to talk to a woman named Georgia Straight.

“I think Eddie had to do something with Holland today,” said Grossard of his bandmate’s obligations to the foreign press, “so you got me. But hey, I’m just as vital!”

Not one to argue about Grossard’s vitality, yours truly made the best of the mix-up—but not before getting in one question earmarked for the absent Vedder, which concerned his penchant for climbing rock-venue walls. At Pearl Jam’s Town Pump concert a few months back, the singer swung himself up above Dave Krusen’s…

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